Is Your Traditional Landscape Marketing Plan Expensive And Not Working 

Employing traditional marketing tactics for your landscape business requires you to look into multiple aspects such as advertising, publicity and research to increase awareness for your services. Some of the common expenses in traditional marketing including printing and postage for direct mailing, buying ad space and getting a sales team for a door-to-day sale campaign among others. As you look to reduce operational costs for your landscape business, traditional marketing methods may prove to be more expensive, especially with more cost effective options available online.

An in-depth analysis of traditional landscape marketing plan points to several reasons affecting the effectiveness and cost of your strategy:

Timing of Adverts

Traditional marketing methods rely on advertising commercials and tactic texts, affecting your ability to communicate in a timely fashion. For example, if you place an ad on the newspaper, you cannot change it unless you buy new ad space. If you are running a promotion and you overbook, you cannot immediately update it, which can cause frustration among customers who see the ad late. On the flipside, online marketing allows you to update your text and change the message to keep it fresh with the latest happenings within your business. Customers can always gain access to the most current information.

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Every new addition to traditional marketing incurs you a new cost. For example, if you open up in a new county, you need to buy new ad space either on TV, radio or on print to inform potential customers of your services. On other hand, updating new information on your website or your social media pages is free and your information can reach your customers from all around the country even days after your first post. Traditional marketing increases the cost of communicating with customers with very low returns on investment.

Another challenge affecting traditional marketing is bundle pricing. Unlike online marketing, traditional marketing is too complex to offer bundle pricing making it inaccessible when you are looking for cost effective and targeted marketing

Customized Marketing

Traditional marketing limits your ability to target specific customers. While you can communicate with specific segments through traditional methods, you cannot target individuals. Online marketing solutions give you access to big data to help you target specific market segments and interact with customers individually. For example, an ad on your social media platform gives customers the option to contact you with questions, to seek clarification or even to book you for their landscaping needs.

Limited Information

Traditional marketing limits the amount of information you can deliver in a single marketing campaign. For example, a radio or TV ads runs on a limited amount of time, reducing the amount of information you can share at a go. With new forms of marketing, you can share multiple links on a single ad and create multiple opportunities for customers to get as much information as they need by the click of a button.

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Today customer preferences prioritize a relationship with the service provider, which involves continuous communication through the entire customer decision-making process. In traditional marketing, you communicate with your customers without any definite way for your customers to talk back to you. Gradually, your customers may feel suffocated by your continuous marketing efforts and end up feeling like they are being forced to commit to your services.

While there are several benefits to traditional marketing, you need to consider modern marketing plans for your landscaping business. Set your overall business goals and contact Neon Goldfish to help you meet your objectives.

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Ken Franzen

By Ken Franzen

President / Co-Founder of Neon Goldfish Marketing Solutions