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Every business and industry around the globe currently face an ever-changing, evolving consumer base. What worked in advertising and marketing a generation or even a decade ago no longer applies. Instead, this is a world of blogs, social presence, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Create your own buyer personas

Even if you are running a heavily services-oriented firm such as a landscaping company, it is crucial to adjust your own marketing tactics to better utilize what many people refer to as "inbound marketing." Relying on previous experience may not be enough when information gets passed around seemingly faster with each passing day.

What is Inbound Marketing

To be able to effectively utilize inbound marketing strategy, you first have to understand it is. By definition, inbound marketing deals with the actual approach on how to attract customers. Utilizing online resources, you use blogs, Twitter, search engines, and other mediums to have customers come to you.

However, some find that explanation too simplistic. In their minds, the concept goes much deeper and is more comprehensive. It isn't like the traditional outbound marketing form in which you would battle fellow competitors with advertising tactics. Those who utilize inbound marketing tactics seek new creative ways to draw in consumers and converting them into long-term clients. It is about customer retention and no longer simply trying to drum up business.

Why Inbound Marketing is Good for Landscape Companies

For a services-oriented industry such as landscaping, the ability to draw in customers is of vital importance. For any business in today's economic conditions, having an online website is a must. Companies shouldn't stop there either. They should also be on Facebook and Twitter as both can attract clients for your business.

New Call-to-action

An inbound marketing agency has more experience in getting your message out on the Internet, creating an effective website which draws interest from potential customers, or providing writing samples that include SEO keywords. These keywords can give your company site a better ranking when it comes to searches done by online search engine outfits such as Goggle, Yahoo, or Bing.

Ways to Draw Interest - Inbound Style

Contrary to outbound marketing tactics, you are trying to draw in interest from potential clients when they use only a specific medium. There are a few ways to do so.

1) Optimize your online presence through search engines - This means using SEO keywords that are popular in the landscaping industry. Words such as green, trees, and landscape are keywords within the industry that can generate more traffic through the search engines.

2) Anticipate what questions potential clients would ask - Figuring out answers to potential questions not only shows that you are prepared, but you come across as like-minded with them. Clients may be interested in the price, but they may also be looking for suggestions as to how to improve the landscaping on their property. This can provide you with a chance to tailor your message out to the greater public.

3) Detail your company in different ways - Instead of just one online source, you want to get on several and each site should have considerable information about your company such as a contact number, possible prices, and discount specials.

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The business world changes at rapid rates these days. This time, it is younger consumers who are forcing businesses from every industry to adapt. These newer potential buyers tend to use social media platforms as their main source of connection.

So it is important for even landscape companies to utilize inbound marketing tactics to connect with the new consumer if they want to draw in the next generation of would-be customers. If you have questions about inbound marketing for your landscape business, contact Neon Goldfish for a free marketing analysis today!