It is a very painful day (for me) here at Neon Goldfish as I am spending my Monday making payment for a bet made with Justin on the Michigan / Ohio State game this past Saturday. While Justin and I share much common ground in the business world, the teams we root for on Saturdays during the fall could not be further apart.

The Bet

The bet was very simple and straightforward. The fan of the losing team had to wear clothing of the winning team for the entire day the Monday following the game. We did set a couple rules:

  1. The winner of the bet had to supply the clothing.
  2. The clothing consisted of a hat and a sweatshirt, t-shirt or jersey.
  3. The clothing had to be men’s clothing.
  4. The clothing could not be altered in any way – cannot add “SUCKS” below the team name.
  5. The loser had to be photographed and have their image posted online for all their fellow fans to see them wearing gear of the team they despise so much.

Go Bucks
So here I sit, working away in Scarlet and Gray. A big thanks to Al Borges for his excellent play calling and congrats to the Buckeyes on their win in the first game of what looks like a rejuvenated rivalry.

Go Blue!!