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Marketing works. Just ask the father whose six year old convinced him to buy new windows for his house from “that one place” because of the catchy commercial she always sings along to on tv. Although television commercials are still one of the most prominent forms of marketing and advertising out there for major corporations, other forms like billboards, phone books, bus stop benches, and mass mailers are taking a back seat to Internet Marketing.

The Internet is a powerful tool, and businesses all over the world are learning that having an effective website is a key component in having a successful marketing campaign. After all, if you are looking to find an attorney in your area to help you with estate planning, the first place you’re likely to turn to is your web browser.

The Appeal of Your Web Site Could Make Or Break Your Company

In order to get the ideal results from your web page that you’re hoping for, however, it’s important to consider a few different factors. Ignoring these various considerations could chase potential clients away from your site before they ever even give it a chance.

  1. Is your website mobile ready? Not sure what this means? Many websites are structured to work on a standard computer screen. But, more than 90 percent of Americans own a cell phone today, and one-fifth of those are Smartphones. That means that your company’s thumbprint on the world is literally just a single tap away for millions of Americans. Crafting a site that is compatible with mobile web browsers can go a long way in keeping visitors on your site to learn more.
  2. Are you writing for your target audience? Word usage and phrases, geo-locations, and even sentence structure can determine whether a reader keeps reading on your site or quits after a few moments. If you’re a law firm promoting your company to non-lawyers, it’s important to understand that most people don’t understand normal legal jargon. Write in such a way that your target audience will understand.
  3. Does your site look appealing? Is it cluttered and filled with long paragraphs of information? Does it capture a visitor’s attention and keep it? Does it look clean and streamlined, or does it look busy and difficult to navigate around? Putting the work into creating an effective webpage may help keep those visitors who don’t want to put the work into looking around.
  4. Does your website accurately represent your business? Does the color scheme and layout mesh with the overall vibe of your business? When you look at your website, is it appealing to you as a consumer? Is your message clear and are your services obvious to visitors? Always remember that the ‘5 W’s’ (Who, What, When Where, Why) apply to your webpage as well. Clearly communicating these can help potential clients know that your services are exactly what they need!

At Neon Goldfish, we are committed to helping you expand your business through one of the most accessible forms of marketing: your website. We can help you create exciting and useful marketing strategies that can make your consumers keep coming back for more! Contact us today to learn how we can customize Internet Marketing strategies that will work for your company.

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