6 Signs it's Time To Update Your Landscape Website Neon Goldfish

As a landscaping company, odds are that you focus a lot of your effort on the quality of your services.

However, don't forget that marketing your services is just as important -- and one of the most important marketing tools you have is your website.

If you have a poor website design, it's akin to having poor marketing.

The following are a few signs that you may need to update your website:

Your website is slow

If it takes about as long for your site to load as it does for you to mow somebody's lawn, then your website probably needs a little bit of tinkering.

Most internet users are going to lose patience if a page doesn't load within two to three seconds.

By second five, they've probably ditched your site and gone over to the website of your local competitor.

Your layout is confusing

Visit your website. Now decide what you want to look for.

How easy was it to find? If it took you more than a few seconds, you might have a problem with your layout.

If a visitor can't figure out how to contact you, where your services are listed or how to find the answer to a specific landscaping question that they might have, you've probably got issues with your layout.

You should have links to all of your main pages, such as your blog, your contact page, your about page and more, at the top of the fold. Implementing a search bar certainly won't hurt either.

Guide To Making Your Website A Lead Machine

You're not using a responsive design

Have you ever tried to visit a website on your smartphone only to give up because it either wouldn't load or wouldn't display properly?

This is what happens when a site isn't optimized for mobile use.

Considering the fact that almost everyone uses their smartphones these days to look things up on the Internet (such as, for example, "landscaping companies near me."), it's probably a good idea that you make sure that your website will display properly.

The way to do this?

Use a responsive design.

Your website just doesn't look good

As a company whose job it is to make people's landscapes look good, having a crappy looking website isn't exactly going to reflect well on your;professionalism.

The aesthetic design of your site should reflect the quality of your brand.

Not to mention that the way a website looks has a big impact on the first impression of your visitors.

So what exactly makes a website look good?

Your site should have a clean, uncluttered layout that uses only two or three colors and only one or two fonts that are easy to read.

Additionally, the images you use should be high-quality.

Don't bother uploading camera phone-quality pictures or small pixelated images you found for free online.

Your site's not ranking well

If your website doesn't rank well on Google's search engine, then nobody is going to find you. To improve your ranking, you have to focus on creating high-quality content and implementing a strong SEO (search engine optimization) strategy.

This involves things like using relevant keywords in your content, earning high-quality external links, making sure your site functions properly and more.

You're not telling visitors what to do

Your website looks great. It loads quickly. It's easy to navigate. It's full of helpful content.

Now what?

If a visitor doesn't know what to do after browsing your site for more than a few minutes, then you've got a problem.

You need to have a clear conversion path, meaning that you should encourage them to take action whenever they are read through the use of calls-to-action and contact information.

Your website is an important part of your landscaping business.

These are just a few signs indicating your website is in need of an update.

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