Facebook: Deleting Business Owner's Responses

Facebook is a dumpster fire. How’s your organic reach going? Got 2000 followers and 10 people see your posts? About right.

The Time to Claim Your Google Business Profile Short Name is NOW

Author's note: This post was written July 3, 2019. Updates have been made and short names are no longer able to be claimed. In the last few months, Google has slowly rolled out a few new features for Google Business Profile account owners. The Googs ...

Developing Buyer Personas for Your Vocational School

  When marketing your vocational school, you're going to want to try to reach a specific audience. When you think about who your audience is, you might be thinking about students who have just graduated high school or who are in their late teens or ...

4 Ways To Step Up Your School's CTA Game

Website visitors don't want to have to make a choice. They want to be told what to do every step of the way. You only have about seven seconds to get the attention of visitor to your school’s website.

5 Critical Elements of a Vocational School Website

In today’s Internet savvy society, every school has a website. But could your vocational school website be doing more harm that good? To stand out from the masses, a school website should have compelling content and visual appeal, be engaging and ...

Starting A Blog? What Home Improvement Contractors Should Know

  Starting a blog is one of the best ways for you to build a stronger relationship with your prospects, clients, and referral partners. However, blogging is one of those business practices that is often easier said than done.

Key Components of An Effective Home Improvement Landing Page

 In an overall sense, developing a strategy for creating effective landing pages is no different in the home improvement industry than in any of the others. In fact, most customers interact with and react to a website in much the same way no matter ...

Inbound Marketing Techniques Every Business Should Use

Inbound marketing is considered the hot new trend these days, but its roots took hold over 100 years ago. The power of the internet has allowed it to flourish, powered by the personal connections businesses are able to make with consumers.

Helpful Tips For Aligning Your Digital Marketing and Sales Goals

Many sales and marketing departments in companies run separately, with each team working to prove its superiority over the other. In today’s market where consumers meet the salesperson while they are in the last quarter of the last cycle, teamwork ...
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