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Using Landing Pages to Increase School Enrollment

Posted by Ken Franzen
Strategically Use Landing Pages to Increase Vocational School Enrollment Growth of any kind can be a tricky thing. Sometimes, even frustrating. But, it doesn’t have to always be that way. Strategic, advanced planning and intentional efforts can help to drive healthy growth and remove some of the stress that can come along with it. This is especially true in the education field.
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Common Mistakes Associated With Landing Pages and SEO

Posted by Justin Johnson
Landing pages are thought to be extremely important aspects of a company. Not only are they additional pieces of information that promote and advertise the company, but they are also prime contenders for making conversions that turn prospective shoppers into satisfied customers. Unfortunately, not everyone has mastered their landing pages just yet and are actually guilty of making a few common landing page mistakes, especially related to SEO, which is vital to the page’s success. Luckily, though, these mistakes have been identified and listed here in order to save you from making the same common mistakes. Don’t let your landing page get left in the dark; start fixing these common mistakes today!
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