Marketing Myth: Images on Google are Free to Download and Use

  One of the key components of any great piece of content is the photo, illustration, or diagram. The right visual framework contributes to a polished look that consumers basically demand if you want to grab their attention and get a minute of their ...

Stop Ignoring Your About Us Page

  Building a website is an exciting process... At least, we like to think so. Hours upon hours are spent researching design ideas. The homepage of your website is (almost always) the most visited page of your site so that has to be perfect.

Simple Strategies for Frictionless Sales

Sales and marketing techniques have evolved significantly over time. In the past, it was all about being direct and convincing someone that they needed to buy a particular product or service. Selling someone has lost its effectiveness. The ...

Using Snapchat for Business Marketing

Marketing is all about being in front of the right eyeballs. You can spend hours on end preaching as loud as possible only to find that the people you are really trying to connect with are not even hearing you. The options seem endless… Facebook, ...

The Time to Claim Your Google My Business Short Name is NOW

In the last few months Google has slowly rolled out a few new features for Google My Business account owners. The Googs didn’t release a ton of information on how these new features are going to be used, but since it’s Google, you’ll want to stake ...

Developing Buyer Personas for Your Vocational School

  When marketing your vocational school, you're going to want to try to reach a specific audience. When you think about who your audience is, you might be thinking about students who have just graduated high school or who are in their late teens or ...

4 Ways To Step Up Your School's CTA Game

Website visitors don't want to have to make a choice. They want to be told what to do every step of the way. You only have about seven seconds to get the attention of visitor to your school’s website.

Developing A Marketing Strategy for Your Vocational School

  Marketing plans are the roadmap to success for your vocational school.Times have changed, and many schools are finding that they need to engage in strong marketing tactics to thrive in today’s market. However, building a school marketing plan for ...

5 Marketing Tips for Home Improvement Companies

As your home improvement business grows, you must come up with different strategies to help you grow your brand and reach out to potential customers. Successful marketing begins with strategic customer outreach.

Ways Inbound Will Grow Your Home Improvement Business

The success of your inbound marketing campaign depends on your ability to revise and update your marketing strategies to accommodate changing consumer trends.
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