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What is Foursquare and How Do I Use It?

Posted by Justin Johnson
When I first became aware of Foursquare, a service which allows you to keep track of places you’ve been and give you incentives to visit others, I considered the site to be of little significance, just another indicator of my generation’s unhealthy egotism and voyeuristic tendencies. However, I have since learned that the site is useful for far more than updating friends of your every movement. From the point of view of a typical consumer, Foursquare is useful for a number of reasons. Because the site tracks where you’ve already been it can help you not only find deals to give you reason to return but can help you find new places which meet your interests or needs. However, while using Foursquare to your benefit as a user is largely intuitive, I feel it would be very beneficial indeed to look at the site from the other perspective: that of the supply, not the demand. Indeed, one of the site’s greatest features is its potential as an effective marketing tool. Here are six ways you can use the site to your benefit.
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