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Ways Inbound Will Grow Your Home Improvement Business

Posted by Justin Johnson
The success of your inbound marketing campaign depends on your ability to revise and update your marketing strategies to accommodate changing consumer trends.
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Understanding the Buyer's Journey

Posted by Ken Franzen
In all likelihood, your company website is missing out BIG on its web traffic conversions. The truth is, you spend so much time and energy on growing your website, but the vast majority of your traffic disappears into the ether, never to be heard from again. We covered this concept called ‘Website Traffic Evaporation’ in another post which expanded on the effective use of Calls To Action. Most websites do an excellent job of attracting a specific type of visitor: those with their wallets already in hand. Perhaps they're ready to buy before they've even landed on the site. Some of these people are loyal customers while others are website visitors that you simply caught at the right point in time. While it's great to have these customers, and we definitely want them coming back, what about everyone else?
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