If you’re among millions of business owners in the U.S. looking for new avenues to get the word out about how great your company is and why clients should turn to you to meet their needs, then you've probably already figured out that your online presence matters. But, in the vast expanse of the World Wide Web, the number of Indianapolis construction companies or Nashville photographers just like yours that are also promoting their businesses through a website may end up pushing your small business’ site to page 7 on Google’s search engine.


So, how does your webpage move out from the black hole of search requests that never get viewed further up to the top of a potential client’s search results list?

The answer is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO content allows businesses like yours to become more visible online to readers looking for information on specific subjects in specific regions of the country. These strategies matter because they help you to become more visible and relevant to your potential clients.

Here’s the Breakdown on SEO Content

  • Target your specific audience. Including phrases or terminology within your content that is geographically specific to your location of service will draw potential clients already nearby to your site. After all, if you are a real estate agent in Northwest Ohio promoting your services online, you don’t necessarily need a client from Indiana to contact you about buying a home if you aren’t licensed to buy and sell there.
  • Improve your web presence. By using key words or phrases in your content that are similar to viewers’ search queries, search engines like Google, or Bing will be able to find your site more easily. As traffic on your site increases, you’ll see how online marketing can be a primary form of advertising and promotion for your company.
  • Quality content for your readers. Simplifying your content to reach a specific demographic of viewers can make your site more user-friendly. Using terminology that everyday people are familiar with concerning topics that also matter to them can help them find you more quickly. If you worry about appealing to every possible person out there, you may miss out on finding your niche market.

At Neon Goldfish, it is our goal to help every one of our clients expand their business and reach beyond their expectations through successful online marketing strategies. Each of our clients can feel confident knowing that we are providing them with exceptional services that they can be proud of.

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