6 Reasons to Consider Using a Chatbot on Your Website

Like it or hate it, technology is being used to automate just about everything possible to make life easier. Think about some of the everyday services we now rely on to make it through our ever-so-difficult lives. 

Using Snapchat for Business Marketing

Marketing is all about being in front of the right eyeballs. You can spend hours on end preaching as loud as possible only to find that the people you are really trying to connect with are not even hearing you. The options seem endless… Facebook, ...

Facebook: Deleting Business Owner's Responses

Facebook is a dumpster fire. How’s your organic reach going? Got 2000 followers and 10 people see your posts? About right.

The Time to Claim Your Google My Business Short Name is NOW

In the last few months Google has slowly rolled out a few new features for Google My Business account owners. The Googs didn’t release a ton of information on how these new features are going to be used, but since it’s Google, you’ll want to stake ...

5 Benefits of a Third Party Marketing Audit

You want your business to be successful. That goes without saying. But, are your marketing efforts paying off? Your marketing strategy can determine your success.

6 Website Upgrades To Drive More Leads To Your School's Website

Every prospective student is on his or her own, personal enrollment journey. If you want your school to be part of that journey, your school website is the best way to attract them early on in the process. Having a clean, modern, and easy to ...

Developing Buyer Personas for Your Vocational School

  When marketing your vocational school, you're going to want to try to reach a specific audience. When you think about who your audience is, you might be thinking about students who have just graduated high school or who are in their late teens or ...

Five Keys to Successful Marketing for the Education Sector

Just like any business, educational institutions have to market their brand. You are competing with other schools in order to attract students, after all.  The following are five effective marketing tips that everyone in the education sector should ...

Six Ways To Increase Your Student Open House Registrations

Holding an open house is an essential strategy for convincing prospective students to enroll. It gives them a chance to see your classrooms and tour your campus first hand. In many cases, prospective students will make their decision to enroll based ...

4 Ways To Step Up Your School's CTA Game

Website visitors don't want to have to make a choice. They want to be told what to do every step of the way. You only have about seven seconds to get the attention of visitor to your school’s website.