Landscape Marketing Pitfalls: Costly Poor Strategy with Paid Search Advertising Neon Goldfish

Paid Search Advertising strategies begin with good intention. As a landscape business trying to compete with other players in the market, you are constantly looking for ways to engage with customers, increase your reach, generate leads and create successful conversions. In a field that is growing and changing rapidly, you need a certain level of expertise to maximize the results you get with paid search advertising. However, a lot of landscaping businesses make simple mistakes that cost money and affect their success in the market.

Some common pitfalls that can cost your landscaping business money include:

Including too much in One Ad Group

Each ad group you use should have a single focus. One mistake landscaping companies make is trying to include multiple groups in an ad group with keywords that are quite dissimilar. Create an organic keyword list and try to re-group the keywords into different ad groups. This way, you avoid overwhelming a potential customer. Organize your account conceptually and focus on creating targeted ad groups. A focused ad group helps you tailor the message of the ads served by the keywords you choose, making your ads more relevant to your business, which improves engagement and conversions.

Create your own buyer personas

Avoiding Innovation

Successful marketing in paid search advertising requires you to keep up with all the new and innovative strategies and features. The most successful marketing campaigns require someone working fulltime to keep up with new developments and ensure maximum impact for your business. If you are doing this part time, you are missing the opportunity to take advantage of all available resources to help you increase your reach to potential clients. Juggling between AdWords management and other tasks associated with a landscape business means that you may be missing big opportunities to take your business to the next level.

Starting with a Low Bid

In an effort to stay within your budget, you will often start you paid search adverting with a low bid. While this may look like a smart financial move, it affects the success of your marketing efforts. Start by making a commitment that shows Google you are a serious business that is in it to win it by increasing your initial bids. Once you start with a high bid, your Quality Score improves and you will often end up staying within your budget in the long run. The trick is to start big and improve your Quality score, which greatly improves conversions, and then lower the bid if necessary later in the campaign.

Budgeting by Store

If you are a big business with multiple locations, plan your marketing campaign by your services and not your stores. Budgeting by store requires your paid search advertising team to create multiple campaigns, which complicates the entire marketing effort and makes management of different aspects difficult. It also strains your budgets and makes it almost impossible for you to reach your goals. Pool your resources and package all your services into one campaign. Interested customers can visit your page and find a store near them easily.

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The Only Thing Constant Is Change

Paid Search Engine requires you to keep up with changing technology and new features constantly. While working in a landscape company, this might require hiring a team to help you exclusively with your AdWords campaign management, which can be quite costly. Neon Goldfish understands your unique needs as a landscaping company and will work with you to help you manage your paid search advertising campaign, including additional online strategies you may need to improve and grow your business.

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Ken Franzen

By Ken Franzen

President / Co-Founder of Neon Goldfish Marketing Solutions