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Inbound marketing is considered the hot new trend these days, but its roots took hold over 100 years ago. The power of the internet has allowed it to flourish, powered by the personal connections businesses are able to make with consumers.

Cold calls, television advertisements, billboards and bus benches have their place in the advertising world. They're not going anywhere soon. But businesses of all sizes are also finding new success utilizing inbound marketing, implementing strategies that allow and even invite communication between the business and consumer.

Interacting with consumers and providing them a targeted, detailed message custom-tailored to them.

Inbound marketing, when done right, creates a two-way street for companies to get their message across, and for consumers to tell them when that message needs adjustment. To really create a buzz around your business that is going to bring customers in, master these inbound marketing techniques.

Educating Your Customer

The major weakness of traditional outbound marketing is that because it's a mass-disseminated message, there's usually little time to drill deeper. In a customer's mind, a new company is little more than a name and a tagline. Inbound marketing allows for so much more. Instead of sending that mass-message out, it brings your customers in.

Smart, highly informative content targeted to potential customers will bring them back again and again to learn more. Once they land on your website, you've now got a captive audience to deliver your message to.

Guide To Making Your Website A Lead Machine

Online blogs associated with your website are a great way to attract consumers to your site. Offering free guides, relevant to what you do, are also a great idea. For example, a landscaping company may want to fill their blog with outdoor design ideas, or with new product reviews. Such information not only positions your business as an expert in a consumer's eyes, it also gives them ideas you can help bring to fruition.

It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Outbound marketing may satisfy your company's need for immediate gratification, but it doesn't have the staying power that an effective inbound marketing strategy does.

When the billboard goes up, you'll get a rush of customers. But what happens when that billboard is gone? Inbound marketing is a patience game.

It takes a longer view. 

So what's the advantage? Instead of the instant gratification that spikes and then falls, inbound marketing seeks to create an indelible reputation in the minds of a few customers, with the hope that reputation flourishes over the long term. Television advertisements can't create the trust with your customers that a knowledgeable blog can.

Be Social

Even if you post the most informative, topical content out there, you can't just publish it and expect the customers to start rolling in. Developing a social media strategy is important. It gives you a forum to communicate with your customers.

Engaging with your customers via Facebook is not just a good way to earn their trust, it can help boost the number of people who see your posts. Social media is a great place for visual content, be it pictures, memes, videos or infographics, so remember to keep it short and to the point.

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By Ken Franzen

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