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The whole purpose of any business, be it a fast food joint, a hot dog cart or a landscaping company is to generate more leads. A good chunk of the profits will go into expanding the business, creating not only the opportunity to handle more clients but also the means to drive more sales. With the rise of digital advertising, the internet, and social media convenience, inbound marketing has garnered a new and flexible meaning that puts it right in the middle of the marketing limelight.

What is Inbound Marketing All About?

The concept behind inbound marketing is generating interest and awareness around your expertise without necessarily giving a sales pitch. While this might sound counter-intuitive, it is a great way to filter your broad audience and ensure that you only propose a sale to a finer audience that is more interested in your services.

Think of it this way. A homeowner who is interested in ‘when to trim my lawn’ wouldn’t be happy if you insist on trimming and tending after it on his behalf. Does this mean he or she is a worthless audience? Not yet. A strategic blog post that answers the question in full and an offer to join the mailing list for more cool landscaping tips from the professionals would be more inviting.

Turn First Time Visitors to Loyal Visitors, then Into Customers

The subtle but targeted marketing effort will feed your sales funnel with potential clients who are actually interested in landscaping and lawn management in general. It could be new property owners, veteran lawn owners or property developers who want someone to set up their completed building’s front yard for the big reveal.

Create your own buyer personaIn this stage, your blog posts or social media posts will be highly informative and of general appeal. You should, however, be keen on identifying deeper interests that you can then address with customized material like:

  • Infographics
  • Email sales copies
  • Customized long form blog posts
  • EBooks and comprehensive how-to guides

Show That You Understand Your Audience and Want to Help

Showing your audience that you respect their sense of style and ability to get something done is a great way to retain the rapport. Bring in your services on complex scenarios when someone cannot handle the project on their own or when the scope is too demanding for his or her time.

Since you took the time to understand and granulate your audience during the initial steps of the inbound marketing campaign, you can now easily target different audiences with custom campaigns that convert better.

New Call-to-actionInbound marketing will always work best if you can spread your campaigns across different and strategic campaigns. Each effort should target a specific audience that best identifies with the material you are giving.

  • DIY experts who want how to guides will identify better with webinars and tutorial videos
  • Corporates or big clients who want to hire you straight away will want a quick slide show of your work to gauge your expertise
  • DIY enthusiasts might need some research studies to prove that landscaping isn’t as easy as they thought hence prompting them to hire you for more complex tasks

Inbound marketing should be at the forefront of every marketing team. According to a recent survey, over 80 percent of the decision makers prefer getting information that gives them the illusion that they made the hire decision by themselves. Tailoring this into your inbound marketing campaign will help you maximize your ROI to the fullest. Are you ready to discuss using inbound to help your landscape company? 

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Ken Franzen

By Ken Franzen

President / Co-Founder of Neon Goldfish Marketing Solutions