If you’re running a business, and you’re looking to develop that business online, you’ll want to know how it’s performing. Most importantly, you’ll want to know what’s contributing to its successes and what’s contributing to its failures.

So, whether you’re running your business from Toledo OH, or from some other part of the world, here are a few SEO tools to help you grow your business.

Tools for Researching Keywords

Keywords are those words and phrases that people type into search engines. (Although, to be fair, the majority of them are assessed using Google.) Keyword trackers help you determine how popular your keywords are and what variations of them might perform better.

For example, people searching for cars might be searching for the keywords “used cars” more than they are searching for the words “used cars for sale.” The following tools are free to use and will help you research what words to use to increase traffic to your site.

  • Google Trends
  • Google Keywords
  • Wordtracker
  • SEO Tools for Your Page

If you’ve already developed your website, or had someone else develop it for you, how sure are you that the content spread between the ads is working well with search engines? If you run web development company or an athletic store in Toledo OH, are you sure that your store is popping up first?

It’s important because people rarely look behind the first three results on a search engine. Knowing just how well your keywords work with search engines is important. On-page SEO tools can help you assess the following:

  • The quality of your backlinks
  • Page rank
  • Your site’s popularity on social media

Using these tools to assess your site’s popularity and quality, and then using them to make changes or alter your future marketing plans, are great ways to increase traffic, and therefore, business. Here are a few free tools to check out.

  • Quick Sprout
  • SEO Site Checkup
  • SEO Report Card
  • Compatibility

One of the ways Google ranks websites and pages is by the amount of time users spend on each site. The more they spend on it, the higher rank Google gives it. Good content almost always translates into longer visiting times; however, if your website is incompatible with other browsers, it might not matter how good that content is.

There are two ways to check how well your site matches up with other browsers. The first is to download every browser available on every mobile device and view your website.

The second is to use BrowserShots. This tool allows you to see if you have any compatibility issues with other browsers and devices. If you do, you can take the necessary means to correct them.

Loading Time Tools

Along with browser and device incompatibility, another problem that leaves customers dissatisfied and fleeing your site is slow loading times. If it takes forever for your site to load, people are usually going to look elsewhere. This has a domino effect on your site, as Google will continuously rank it as rarely being viewed.

If you want to see how you can make your site faster, try using PageSpeed. It’ll give you a list of options and additions that will help your site load faster.

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