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Over the past few years everyone, yes EVERYONE, has joined and started using Facebook including elementary kids, college graduates, parents, grandparents, and celebrities. Businesses across the globe have also started using Facebook, creating Fan Pages to appeal to the millions of other users that access the site each day. While some companies immediately excel with their fan pages, others are stuck struggling to get the gist of things. Luckily for them, though, there are a number of things companies can do to ensure that their Fan Pages soar with success, so make sure to review your page after reading these ten points and modify accordingly; it could make all the difference!

Here are 10 ways to Get the Most Out of Your Company Facebook Page:

1. Post Interesting Information

Not every status update needs to be another press release or company news. While your customers do appreciate this type of information, it is something that they can easily find on your website, so in addition to your company news, make sure to incorporate fun things too. Relate your posts to current events, holidays, historic dates, and so on. If you’re able to capture their interest they’ll ‘like’ your page, start following you, and will hopefully encourage their friends to do the same.

Sample Facebook post: Strange Fact More people are killed from donkeys in a year than planes

2. Ask Questions

In addition to posting interesting facts, figures, and statements, it’s also a good idea to ask your followers questions. Ask them how they feel about a certain product. Ask them what they would like to see more of. Ask them how your service was. Asking questions will not only be good feedback for you, but it will also keep the content on your site fresh and exciting. Let your audience be your design team; start asking questions today!

Sample Facebook discussion

3. Interact

So, you’ve posted interesting information, and you’ve asked your followers questions. They responded, which is good because it means they’re interested in your page and took the time to respond, but now it’s time for you to step up to the plate. Respond back! Interact with your customers. Answer some of their questions, and comment back to the thoughts and comments they’ve posted. Getting a response back from someone within a company will make your followers feel as if their voice and opinion matters – which it should!! Interacting with your followers is an integral part of keeping any social media site afloat and popular, so it’s extremely important that you start to do so.

Sample Facebook page

4. Say Hello

Speaking of interacting with your customers, it’s always a good idea to say hello and thank each person who likes your page. Whether you decide to do this through a mention, writing on their wall, or sending them a message is up to you, but acknowledging them is something that each company should try to do. Again, this makes customers feel like they’re important to you and your company, which is great because they are; without them you wouldn’t be making any money. Take some time each day to welcome new followers, and you’ll start receiving many more.

5. Reward Them

Keeping with the same topic, one additional way to make your followers feel special would be by rewarding them. Give each follower a coupon, discount their next purchase, or let them know of a sale before anyone else. Simple things like this will drive people to your page and will make them continuously check it. People love free, discounted, and sale items, so rewarding your followers with these types of things will definitely drive traffic.

6. Give Them What They Want

One of the main things people do on Facebook? Look at pictures! Pictures and videos are constantly being uploaded, shared, and seen on Facebook as it’s a vital facet of the site’s intriguing appearance. It’s obvious, then, that your company should make a valid effort at keeping up with photo and video posts. The more interesting things your site has for people to look at, the more will flock to view it, so make sure to update your page’s media as often as you update its content.


7. Don’t Be Afraid To Use Humor

Every now and then it’s a good idea to throw a little humor into the mix. Use propaganda to portray yourself better than your competition in a comedic way, or make a upload a funny picture or video related to your industry. Never be vicious or hurtful in anyway; keep it playful and fun. People love things that make them laugh and may be more likely to share this with others.

Oatmeal Comic

8. Promote Your Page

Your followers will do a good job at spreading word about your page to their friends, but this can only go on for so long. You, too, have to promote and advertise your page in every aspect available. Provide a link to your Facebook page from your website and blog, and put the link on your business cards, brochures, and emails. It doesn’t have to be obnoxious; just a helpful reminder to prompt people to check out your page. Because the chances of them already having a Facebook page are very high, it should take no time at all for your customers to start checking you out, commenting, and ‘liking’ all that you do.

9. Understand Your Friends, Followers, And Connections Are Different

If you have a Facebook page, there is a fairly good chance that your company also has a Twitter account, and possibly even a LinkedIn page; if you don’t, you should think about getting one. Assuming you already do, though, you need to understand that your Twitter and LinkedIn friends may not be the same people who follow you on Facebook. Don’t make updates to the other two accounts assuming that your Facebook followers will see your posts there; they may not have these accounts or follow you here. It’s best to make the same updates on all of your social media accounts, that way ever user hears the same information at the same time.

10. Keep It Up

Maintaining a Facebook Fan Page is not a week long, month long, or even yearlong project. It is something that requires effort and maintenance on a daily basis, so make sure you’re setting aside a little time each day to devote to this. With time and effort will come results, so make sure to keep up the hard work; it will all pay off in the end.

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We’d love to hear some of the things you’ve done to engage your Facebook audience.