Map Showing Toledo Ohio and Jacksonville FloridaSince 2007, Neon Goldfish has grown a customer base that expands far beyond our Toledo, Ohio location to all corners of the country. During this time, we have established a reputation as a skilled team of word workers devoted to the needs of our clients. Now, we are excited to announce that Neon Goldfish is expanding and opening a second office in Jacksonville, Florida. Neon Goldfish is extremely excited to extend their reach to another area of the country, a new market full of truly remarkable opportunities. We have chosen Jacksonville because of its central location, with several key Southeastern cities in close proximity. Our goal in expanding is to assist a wider range of clients representing an even more diverse array of industries and pursuits, both locally and nationally.


What will the Jacksonville office offer?

The same things we at Neon Goldfish have always so proudly provided. From custom designed websites to landing pages and other similar content to corporate branding to social media marketing, Neon Goldfish endeavors to offer just about everything a growing business could require to develop and maintain a strong online presence.

To those who have assisted us in the past, we thank you for giving us the means and the confidence to make this expansion to Jacksonville, Florida possible. To those who have not, there’s never been a better time to find out exactly what Neon Goldfish can do for you and your business today.