How To Capture Leads Coming To Your Landscape Website

10 years ago, simply having a website put you ahead of the game. Consumers were simply happy to have you show up in search results with a name and number attached. Modern-day consumers expect more. Websites today must meet customer expectations including ease of use, availability of useful information, and search rankings.

In order to compete in today's digital marketplace, here are some tips to optimize your website and capture additional customer leads.

Understand the user experience

 Exploring the user experience of your website means asking yourself and your customers some questions. Whether it's verbal feedback from people you know or a survey sent to your clients, this understanding can help you decide if you are losing leads through your website design.

  • How does your customer feel about your website?
  • Do your pages load slowly, even on high-speed broadband connections?
  • How is your information organized? Can people find your services and contact page?
  • When people call or email, are they always asking questions that you have answered on your website?
  • Your landscaping work is beautiful, but is your website? Make sure both views of your company are reflecting the best you have to offer.
  • Can people visit your website on mobile devices? Called responsive design, having a mobile view is very important in today's digital market.

If you struggle to answer any of these questions or get a negative response, your website may be the source of your lost leads. Guide To Making Your Website A Lead Machine

Search Result Rankings

In addition to being a turnoff for customers, a bad website can also impact your search results. In essence, this means when someone looks for a landscaper in your town, you may not show up in their results. To fix this you'll need to focus on Search Engine Optimization, usually called SEO. This means you will want to target people looking for keywords that describe you and your services like:

  • Landscape services
  • Mowing and lawncare
  • Planting
  • Irrigation
  • Permaculture
  • Organic gardening
  • Landscape design

Improved rankings will come as these keywords are correctly added to your organic and paid search strategies, as well as to informative content on your blog and landing page. If this strategy sounds a little too complicated, remember that there are many SEO and marketing firms that can help.

Contact Page

A vital part of capturing leads is to make sure people can easily contact you. Is your email address listed and linked correctly? Verify your phone number and address online too. If you prefer to use a lead capture form, take a moment to test this and make sure everything works just right.
You can absolutely capture more leads coming to your landscape website.

Make sure the experience is working well for your customers with and inviting and informative website. Check your SEO to ensure your rank well in search results. And very important, make sure your contact information is always accurate and in working order.

If you're interested in turning your landscape website into a lead machine, contact us at Neon Goldfish today. We have experience helping landscapers just like you, turn their outdated websites, into lead generating tools.

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