5 Effective Email Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

Email is now one of the most important business tools ever provided to the business world. Amazingly, it’s earned this position in just a little less than two decades. However, many businesses to use the full power of their email lists.

Leveraging Your Email List: Finding the Gold

If you are simply using email as a basic communication method, you are missing out on much of its potential. Many professionals who provide email marketing tips and advice make the observation that there is gold in your email list. However, as in mining for real gold, finding it and turning it into a valuable asset takes effort and hard work.


Your email is most powerful when it is integrated into your overall marketing strategy, and leveraged with your other marketing programs and initiatives. This includes using it to establish a true conversation with your prospects and clients, not just as an outbound messaging system. Here are 5 email marketing tips that will help you maximize the value of your email contacts.

1. Develop a proactive, purposeful plan. The first step to achieving email marketing success is understanding it's constantly changing nature and power. Billions of emails are sent because they work, and because there are billions you need to ensure your email stands out and serves a specific purpose for your prospects and customers.

2. Work with a knowledgeable digital agency. Much as in the earlier days of direct mail and related advertising, there are specialists who work hard to stay on top of all the latest email tools, techniques, apps and analytics. You’ll find this an investment that generates a significant return when you work with the right digital team.

3. Segment your lists. Your email list shouldn’t just be a database of contacts. The term curation means you invest time and effort in segmenting your list into the categories important to your company and marketing efforts. For example, you can effectively divide prospects into different categories, indicating their source and areas of interest. Likewise, existing customers will be tagged by the products and services they use, their level of purchasing, and other key factors. These segmented groupings allow you to use different content, messages and promotions at different times.

Guide To Making Your Website A Lead Machine

4. Focus on content. The digital world is increasingly driven by properly developed and presented content. Your agency will provide you with a lot of guidance in this area. One of the nifty things about digital content, however, is the ability to repurpose content developed for your marketing efforts, brochures, website pages, and social media platforms. From newsletters to special white papers, the right content will get your emails read and increase the probability of them being forwarded to other prospects.

5. Use the right email provider. Once you really start using your email correctly, you will want to outsource its management. Such providers are inexpensive and will ensure you stay Can-Spam compliant.

Take the time to review these email marketing tips, and you’ll find you’re success at Toledo OH marketing efforts are much more effective and rewarding. Don’t let the gold in your email list remain undiscovered.

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