The Key to Increasing Trade School Enrollment

Posted by Ken Franzen on Jan 02, 2017

Effective marketing is a tricky deal. You’ve only got “X” amount of dollars to spend on a marketing budget and a whole host of options to choose from. How do you decide what will be the most effective marketing means and which ones are simply a waste of money?

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Are You Experiencing Website Traffic Evaporation?

Posted by Ken Franzen on Jul 08, 2016
Considering the amount of effort (blood, sweat, tears, and money) that goes into attracting traffic to a website, it is amazing how much of this traffic simply evaporates into nothing.  
I like to call this Website Traffic Evaporation.  
Website traffic evaporation is tangible website traffic you worked your butt off for that exits without a trace (likely) forever.  It is likely caused by lack of direction for the site visitor to follow and often times coupled with the misconception that every visitor to your website is ready to buy your products / services right now.  
This can be solved by understanding who your website visitors are and simply telling them what they should do when they are on your website.  
Enter our hero, the Call To Action.  
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More SMBs turning to Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing [Infographic]

Posted by Ken Franzen on Jan 12, 2016

SMBs are continually on the hunt for more efficient ways to spend their most valueable resources (time and money) to attract the attention of the constantly evolving consumer.  Technology continues to change consumers' buying behavior and driving down the effectiveness of traditional media vehicles such as television, radio, billboards, direct mail and yellow pages.  So what do businesses do to grab attention?  They are finding success in inbound marketing and content marketing.

The infographic below covers some very interesting findings from two recently published pieces covering inbound marketing and content marketing.

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6 Ways to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

Posted by Ken Franzen on Nov 24, 2015

So you've spent hour after hour implementing all the right practices to drive fresh traffic to your website.  You are blogging about topics that your target audience cares about.  You are promoting your content in the proper channels.  After digging into your website analytics, you are definitely on the right track... so where are the leads?  Shouldn't more website traffic mean more leads?  Isn't that the point of all of this?  

Getting traffic to your website is definitely the first step (some might argue the toughest step) in the equation of increasing your website conversion rate and getting new customers.  Sometimes so much attention is placed on getting the ideal customer to your website that the actual site experience is overlooked.  What good is all the traffic in the world going to do if everyone comes to a screeching halt the moment they get to your website?  Let's take a look at Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO.  

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Save Yourself From Wasted Website Traffic With Content Marketing

Posted by Ken Franzen on Oct 22, 2015

Stop Throwing Away 90% of Your Website Visitors

Standard marketing goals for many business websites is a two-headed monster: get more traffic and get more leads.  This make sense right?  Work hard to get your business in front of the right eyeballs and those that are ready to buy will (hopefully) be compelled enough by the message your brand is delivering that you'll get a phone call or a form submission through the website.  The big problem is, the majority of your site visitors are not ready to buy.

So, how do you leverage the visit from the consumer that you've worked so hard to attract to your website who is not ready to buy?  The answer is solid content marketing.

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Companies That Spend Less Than $100k on Marketing are 4x More Likely to Practice Inbound Marketing

Posted by Ken Franzen on Oct 13, 2015


We meet with a lot of SMBs (small-medium sized businesses) that range in revenue, staff size and marketing budgets.  One of the most common questions we hear is "How do we get more value for our marketing dollar?"  Here are a couple more questions we get:

  • How can I get more leads?
  • How do I rank better on the search engines?
  • I receive three calls from Google Certified Partners yesterday guaranteeing me page one placement.  Is Paid Search (Google AdWords) the best route to go?
  • How can I better measure my ROI?
  • How can I use social media to grow my businesss?

I'm sure you can relate to one (probably several) of these yourself.  Rest assured, you are not alone.

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