Increasing Name Recognition with Social Media

Posted by Ken Franzen on Aug 25, 2015

Increase Your School’s Name Recognition Using the World of Social Media

On any given day, there are hundreds and thousands of potential students contemplating where they’d like to pursue a college degree and what it is they’d like to study. Whether these students are awaiting the end of their high school education or they are going back to school after taking time off, you can be sure they’ll be searching the Internet to check out what options are out there.

Many students are unfamiliar with their complete options, believing that their choices should be focused only on four-year universities. If they are unfamiliar with your school’s very presence, they may not have any clue at all about the many benefits a vocational or trade school education can bring. If they don’t know you exist, they won’t be able to choose your school as their provider of a higher education.

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Tips for Successful Marketing at College Fairs

Posted by Justin Johnson on Aug 20, 2015

Standing Out at College Fairs With Outstanding Promo Materials

Step inside any given college fair and you’ll find yourself surrounded by hundreds of students and dozens of schools at one time. Here, your recruiters have an opportunity to connect with potential students and increase your school’s name recognition. But, as a small trade school looking for new students, how do you stand out and make an unforgettable statement when you have to compete against major universities with marketing budgets two or three times larger than yours?

Perhaps, the key to connecting with the next batch of incoming students is to wow them with innovative promotional materials they can’t ignore. Take a moment to consider how these tips could boost your image at your next college fair event.

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Does Your Trade School Need a New Website Design?

Posted by Justin Johnson on Aug 13, 2015

Always Question Effectiveness of Your Trade School Website Design

As a vocational or trade school, you are responsible for the educational experiences of hundreds or thousands of students every year. You pour your financial resources into offering state-of-the-art facilities, top-notch teachers and an attractive campus that will draw new students and serve existing ones. Your goal is to provide your students with an overall experience that they’ll carry with them into the workforce.

But, while you’re spending the majority of your efforts making your real-world presence unforgettable, it’s important not to neglect your online presence in the process. In today’s society, the digital experience your potential students will encounter will most likely be the very first impression of your school that they’ll get. It better be a good one. But, if you think that your current website just isn’t working to it’s potential, maybe it’s time that you consider a complete overhaul. A website update could be just what your school needs to give your students a fresh outlook on a trade school education.

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Marketing Your Trade School During the Summer Months

Posted by ngfmarketing on Aug 06, 2015

Summertime for Trade Schools: The Perfect Season for Content Marketing

For most traditional, four-year colleges and universities, students head off to campus in September and pack up their rooms sometime in early May. The standard nine-month school calendar gives students plenty of time for summer activities before heading back to the classroom in the fall. Unfortunately, this timeline also causes students to remain in school for many years, as most four-year degrees actually take an average of five years or more to complete. Although there are summer sessions offered, student life and campus activities during these months offer just a glimpse of a student’s educational experiences compared to the rest of the year. Basically, summertime at these schools is rather boring.

But, as a vocational or trade school, you offer each and every one of your students a year-round, exciting experience that gives them hands-on training for their career choices. That means, all of your students will be just as involved in their higher educational experience in July and August as they are in February or October.
You can use this to your advantage, and attract new students, while connecting with your current ones, even during those “dog days of summer.” Some strategic content planning focused around summer activities can help you increase your student enrollment and showcase your school within the community.

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5 Ways to Connect Past and Present Students Online

Posted by Ken Franzen on Jul 20, 2015

Connect Past, Present, and Future Students Together With Engaging Online Marketing

As people who tend to be relational, we look for opportunities to connect with others throughout our days. Social media, texting, emails, and even old-fashioned phone calls allow us to hear from each other at any moment of the day. This relational state forms the foundation for almost everything we do on a daily basis. Even our consumer mindset can be influenced by the opinions of others. Companies know this fact and often customize their marketing strategies to connect past, present, and future clients together, knowing that client satisfaction is often the best form of advertising.

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Showcase the Benefits of a Trade School with a Blog

Posted by Ken Franzen on Jul 16, 2015

Give Prospective Students all the Reasons Why a Trade School / Vocational School Education Just May Trump that University Degree

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5 Tips to Make Your School’s Email Marketing a Success

Posted by Ken Franzen on Jul 07, 2015

Successfully Transform Your Trade School’s Email Marketing Efforts

Nowadays, our email inboxes are becoming filled with more junk mail than our traditional mailboxes ever did. Most email providers and office management services actually offer junk mail folders just to sort through our mail for us, keeping us from ever seeing the majority of those daily notifications. And, most of us are really thankful for this feature. So, as a vocational or trade school, how do you create an email marketing strategy that actually reaches your potential students’ inboxes, and captures their interest enough to open up the messages?

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Using Your Website To Promote Vocational School Student Life

Posted by Ken Franzen on Jun 30, 2015

Imagine sitting down with your soon-to-be graduating high school senior, sorting through stacks of college brochures, pamphlets, and folders. How do you help them make the decision about which school is the BEST choice? What do you look for? What turns you off about certain schools? Does your college-bound young adult seek out a name when choosing a school or a typical “college experience,” or is there a more practical component involved in the decision making process? Do you encourage your kid to check out the local trade or vocational school, or do you pass on those options in lieu of something bigger?

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Using Landing Pages to Increase School Enrollment

Posted by Ken Franzen on May 12, 2015

Strategically Use Landing Pages to Increase Vocational School Enrollment

Growth of any kind can be a tricky thing. Sometimes, even frustrating. But, it doesn’t have to always be that way. Strategic, advanced planning and intentional efforts can help to drive healthy growth and remove some of the stress that can come along with it. This is especially true in the education field.

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Six Marketing Tips to Increase Vocational School Enrollment

Posted by Ken Franzen on Apr 23, 2015

Capture Attention Early and Increase Enrollment Conversions

Getting that dream job that will lead to The American Dream has become even more difficult for many Americans today. There are several reasons that may contribute to the struggle for so many to find a career they can be proud of, but one thing is certain. Americans know that finding a great career requires getting a great education. The problem is, the tuition rates for public and private colleges and universities around the country keep increasing, and these inflated prices are making it more and more difficult for people to afford the education they need for the dream they strive for.

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