8 Crucial Mistakes Killing Your Blog Marketing Strategy

Posted by Ken Franzen on Apr 06, 2016
Blogs are now staples of most online marketing strategies.  Most sites these days have some form of a blog that allows for periodic contribution of content as news, opinions, education or updates.  
Let’s assume for a second that you regularly publish to your blog like any bona fide business owner focused on online marketing would do.  How is that working out for you?  You might begin to wonder why no one is reading your posts and starting to get discouraged about investing more time in the art of blogging.
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Showcase the Benefits of a Trade School with a Blog

Posted by Ken Franzen on Jul 16, 2015

Give Prospective Students all the Reasons Why a Trade School / Vocational School Education Just May Trump that University Degree

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5 Benefits to Hiring a Ghostwriter For Your Online Content

Posted by Ken Franzen on Jun 01, 2015

The Benefits of Working With a Ghostwriter For Great Web Content

Creating a strong marketing strategy is an important step in growing your business both online and in the physical world. But, if you’ve decided to add regular blogging to your online marketing strategy, you may need a little help making sure you have an end product you can be confident with. Hiring a ghostwriter may be the perfect solution to your writing woes.

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How to Choose Great Content For Your Blog

Posted by Ken Franzen on May 19, 2015

Tips For Choosing the Most Effective Content For Your Blog Posts

You've gone through the web design checklist for your site. You've decided on a color scheme, and logo. You've created a site that can be easily navigated, and you have a domain name that can be easily remembered, too. And now, you’re planning on adding regular blogging in an effort to draw more traffic to your website. Whether you choose to write your blogs in-house, or opt for a ghostwriter to create regular blog posts for your company, the key to ensuring that your blog posts actually help your business lies specifically in the content you choose.

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What Makes a Good Blog Post?

Posted by ngfmarketing on Jan 21, 2014

We build a number of blogs for our clients and a pretty standard question that pops up is “What makes a good blog post?” Since most of us are far from professional writers, we can be intimidated by sitting down and putting our ideas, experiences and recommendations into words that other can read and comment on. Worse yet, what if no one reads it?

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Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

Posted by Justin Johnson on Aug 02, 2013

Looking to give your company a little competitive edge? You’ve already established a well-known and well-designed website that is both attractive and extremely useful, but isn’t there something else you could do? Your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages are gaining followers successfully, but everyone has one now and doesn’t put you above your competitors anymore. What you need to give you that extra competitive edge that some of your competitors are still lacking is a blog – a marketing blog – for your company! Not only does a blog function as an additional site for your customers to get information from you, but it also serves many other useful purposes that your business and customers alike will enjoy.

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