The Key to Increasing Trade School Enrollment

Posted by Ken Franzen on Jan 02, 2017
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Understanding the Buyer's Journey

Posted by Ken Franzen on Dec 15, 2016

In all likelihood, your company website is missing out BIG on its web traffic conversions.

The truth is, you spend so much time and energy on growing your website, but the vast majority of your traffic disappears into the ether, never to be heard from again. We covered this concept called ‘Website Traffic Evaporation’ in another post which expanded on the effective use of Calls To Action.

Most websites do an excellent job of attracting a specific type of visitor: those with their wallets already in hand. Perhaps they're ready to buy before they've even landed on the site. Some of these people are loyal customers while others are website visitors that you simply caught at the right point in time.

While it's great to have these customers, and we definitely want them coming back, what about everyone else?

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What Does Your Digital Appearance Really Say About Your Trade School

Posted by Ken Franzen on Dec 12, 2016

Your mother always said, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” First appearances can be deceiving. However, the truth remains that appearances really do matter. Job interviews, meetings with clients, broken or dented packages at the grocery store: your initial interactions with these things, and others like them, can be greatly influenced by such first appearances.

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Getting to the bottom of Unknown Keywords in Google Analytics

Posted by Ken Franzen on Dec 06, 2016
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Hitting the Enrollment Bullseye By Targeting Non-Traditional Students

Posted by Ken Franzen on Dec 01, 2016

Consistently hitting the bullseye during competition is an enviable skill that brings financial success and pride to only a few, and disappointment or defeat to countless others. Darts, arrows, target shooting, even those money-grabbing fair games; only few will walk away in victory, leaving others to question what just happened. The world of marketing is no different. If you’re expecting to successfully attract new students, hitting the right target boils down to your approach, technique, and consistency.

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Mobile-Friendliness Will Be the #1 Search Signal in 2017

Posted by Ken Franzen on Sep 12, 2016
Sit down for this shocking announcement... consumers are continuing to use their mobile phones more and more.
So, that's not shocking news.  You are probably reading this blog post on your phone right now.  
But, the one thing we should really dive into is that the search engines have taken notice and the writing is on the wall for what's to come.
Let's take a look at what will be important for SEO in 2017.
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Are You Experiencing Website Traffic Evaporation?

Posted by Ken Franzen on Jul 08, 2016
Considering the amount of effort (blood, sweat, tears, and money) that goes into attracting traffic to a website, it is amazing how much of this traffic simply evaporates into nothing.  
I like to call this Website Traffic Evaporation.  
Website traffic evaporation is tangible website traffic you worked your butt off for that exits without a trace (likely) forever.  It is likely caused by lack of direction for the site visitor to follow and often times coupled with the misconception that every visitor to your website is ready to buy your products / services right now.  
This can be solved by understanding who your website visitors are and simply telling them what they should do when they are on your website.  
Enter our hero, the Call To Action.  
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8 Crucial Mistakes Killing Your Blog Marketing Strategy

Posted by Ken Franzen on Apr 06, 2016
Blogs are now staples of most online marketing strategies.  Most sites these days have some form of a blog that allows for periodic contribution of content as news, opinions, education or updates.  
Let’s assume for a second that you regularly publish to your blog like any bona fide business owner focused on online marketing would do.  How is that working out for you?  You might begin to wonder why no one is reading your posts and starting to get discouraged about investing more time in the art of blogging.
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117 Million Viewers and 1.25 Billion Chicken Wings... it's Super Bowl Time!

Posted by Ken Franzen on Feb 05, 2016

Super Bowl 50 is this Sunday.

And while it is likely the last game we will see future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning play, most of us will be tuned into the game in anticipation and high expectations for the commercials.    This is no doubt the only time of the year our fingers don't make a mad dash for the remote control when a commercial comes on.


In 1967, you could have secured a 30 second spot for only $40,000.  This year, a 30 second commercial costs a breezy $5 Million... up from $4.5 Million in 2015.  While that may seem like a steep price tag for 30 seconds, being parked in front of 117 Million commercial seeking viewers presents an impressive audience.  Many brands take additional measures to increase the shelf-live of their commercials through use of social media (retweets and likes anyone?) and clever campaigns like Doritos "Crash the Super Bowl".

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More SMBs turning to Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing [Infographic]

Posted by Ken Franzen on Jan 12, 2016

SMBs are continually on the hunt for more efficient ways to spend their most valueable resources (time and money) to attract the attention of the constantly evolving consumer.  Technology continues to change consumers' buying behavior and driving down the effectiveness of traditional media vehicles such as television, radio, billboards, direct mail and yellow pages.  So what do businesses do to grab attention?  They are finding success in inbound marketing and content marketing.

The infographic below covers some very interesting findings from two recently published pieces covering inbound marketing and content marketing.

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